Wilbanks CEASE Clinic wins Georgia Supreme Court case

virtual argument pic

Third-year student Devin Mashman (third row, far right), a member of the Wilbanks Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation Clinic, virtually argued before the Georgia Supreme Court. Many traditional law school events and activities – academic and social – moved to the online world during the pandemic to maintain the health and safety of all individuals.

The Wilbanks Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation Clinic received a favorable opinion in a case third-year student Devin Mashman argued before the Supreme Court of Georgia. The case Harvey v. Merchan involved the choice of law and the constitutionality of the state’s Hidden Predator Act. The court determined that the act’s retroactive window is constitutional and that claims can go forward regardless of where they were committed. Mashman and second-year students Maigan Jenkins and Annefloor De Groot assisted in writing the brief.