For the second straight year, 100% of incoming first-gen students receive aid

The School of Law is continuing to transform the legal education experience for many of its first-generation college graduate students thanks to a number of scholarships.

With roughly 10-15% of each entering class representing the first person in his or her family to attend college, these scholarships provide not only financial assistance but, in many cases, additional support that can help students as they navigate financial planning, network development, and professional and bar preparation needs.

The law school in recent years has placed a strong emphasis on assisting its students who are the first in their families to attend college. More than $6 million has been given to the School of Law to assist this cohort throughout their legal education.

amos family

The First-Start Scholars Program, created by a lead gift from Kathelen Amos (J.D.’82) (left) and the Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation, supports first-generation students. Kathelen’s husband, Dan, is also pictured. Photo by Ian McFarlane.

In 2019-20, the School of Law was able to provide 100% of its first-generation students with financial support. This includes the First-Start Scholars Program, an initiative that provides scholarships and professional development support to this group of students and was initiated by a gift from alumna Kathelen V. Amos (J.D.’82) and the Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation.

“Being able to offer aid to our first-generation college grads eases the burden of obtaining a legal education – a foundation that will launch our hard-working students into careers with impact,” Dean Peter B. “Bo” Rutledge said. “Thanks to these generous gifts from the legal and law school communities, these students will go from scholarship recipients at one of the nation’s top law schools to graduates and practicing lawyers who will serve and become leaders in their communities, both near and far.”

Scholarships that support the law school’s first-generation students include:

  • The AnBryce Scholarship aids first-generation college graduates at the law school.
  • The James M. Cagle Scholarship Fund supports educational diversity via scholarships benefitting first-generation college graduates who will contribute significantly to the diversity of the student body with consideration given to those who have overcome a significant disadvantage or hardship.
  • The Judge B. Avant Edenfield Scholarship benefits students in the law school with first preference for those who are among the first of their immediate family to pursue an undergraduate or graduate education and who intend to return to practice in the Statesboro / Savannah region.
  • The Stacey Godfrey Evans Scholarship benefits students in the School of Law who are Georgia residents and first-generation college graduates.
  • The First-Generation Scholarship Matching Fund supports scholarships for first-generation college graduates at the law school.
  • The First-Start Scholars Fund assists first-generation students who have demonstrated a commitment to service, community building and problem solving.
  • The Judge Steve C. Jones Scholarship Fund provides scholarship support for first-generation college graduates with preference given to those who demonstrate the qualities that make a successful attorney, as described by Judge Steve C. Jones (J.D.’87) at the school’s 2015 Commencement.
  • The Loudermilk Family First-Start Scholars Fund aids first-generation law students residing in the state of Georgia, with preference for students from rural counties.
  • The Pin Point Scholarship assists students at the law school, with preference given to those who are among the first in their immediate family to pursue a professional degree.
  • The Michael N. and Risë J. Weathersby Family Scholarship supports first-year law students who have demonstrated merit.
  • The Yancey Family Scholarship Fund provides support for students with preference given to first-generation college graduates who are or have been residents of Northwest Georgia.
pin point scholars

Sibley Professor in Corporate and Business Law Larry Thompson (sitting), who served as the U.S. deputy attorney general from 2001 to 2003, visited with the school’s Pin Point Scholars – first-year student Tatiana Mosbey and third-year student Steve Miller – earlier this year.

Additionally, several leadership annual scholarships from the Law School Fund are awarded to future lawyers who are first-generation students.